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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Map4Life Personal Leadership Program

Personal Leadership Program

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm

Venue:  TBA

The effective development of a MASTER ACTION PLAN is essential to living a BALANCED and PURPOSEFUL life. This is becoming more and more evident in everyday life. Many people feel like they are in a downward spiral of chaos, they often feel like they are losing control and experiencing ever increasing stress. They have less time in their day and yet are being expected to do more and more.

Having a MASTER ACTION PLAN for your life enables you to restore order, direction, balance and most importantly, a sense of meaning and value. You will be able to slow the pace of life down yet enjoy increased productivity with less stress. Your self confidence and esteem will grow and you will begin to move closer to that which your desire.

Few people, if any, are taught the importance of a ,MASTER ACTION PLAN or even how to create a definitive plan for their lives. Consequently most people do not have one. If you think about it, how many friends do you have with a written plan for their lives? Not too many.

This seminar will equip you with a Life Skill to improve your performance in all areas of life (including the work environment) while enjoying a happy and fulfilled life. Every person you know should attend at least once in their life.

What you will learn:

  • How to develop a Master Action Plan or M.A.P.
  • How to get your HABITS to work in your favour.
  • How small effortless changes can produce enormous results.
  • How to assess absolutely anything and improve on it with five simple questions.
  • How to know what you want by filtering through all your good ideas and choosing the great ones.
  • How to define your guiding life statements like Purpose, Vision and Mission.
  • The key formula for effective goal setting.
  • How to manage your time by managing other peoples demands on it.
  • How to grow continually thus moving forward progressively to your dream
Module 1: Position Assessment
  • The importance of balance
  • Key Questions – objective assessment
  • Wheel of Life – intuitive assessment
  • 5 Step assessment process to assess behaviors, practices and habits
Module 2 : Destination Defined
  • The power and importance of focus
  • Seven step decision making process to select best
  • Guiding Values influence our decisions
  • Vision & Mission Statements direct our choices
Module 3: Effective Goal Setting
  • The Secret Seven Step Formula
  • Harnessing the power of visualization
  • Preparing an Action Plan using a Gant Chart
  • Identifying a Success Team

Module 4: Action Management

  • Discover “How to live on 24 hours a day”
  • Four simple steps to convert BIG Goals to Daily Decisive Actions
  • Developing a time schedule
  • Introducing the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Personal Performance Evaluation

Module 5: Personal Development

  • Keeping a journal
  • Personal Development Program
  • Performance Review and plan adjustment
  • 3 Laws for moving from Success to Significance

Wealth Creation

  • Debt Identification
  • Creating a GOOD Plan
  • Defining a personal Spending Plan
  • Monitoring income and expenditure