Loving your Spouse


Children need to grow up in a secure, loving environment. They feel most secure when they can see that Mom and Dadlove one another beyond a shadow of doubt. This loving environment takes continual effort and planning to create and maintain in our lives, otherwise the “honeymoon” will be over long before it needs to be. Learning to love your spouse can therefore be one of the most important actions that you can take for your children. A few important areas that I believe couples need toaddress so that children can grow up in a secure, loving environment are as follows:


Putting Romance Back Into Your Life


“You used to be MADLY IN LOVE, but now you’re JUST MAD!”[1]

Romantic love (or romance) is the key to a great marriage that lasts.

Romance is the feeling of being “in love” with your mate. It is a combination of caring (selfless love) and attraction (desire). This combination of love and desire strengthens and enlivens the marriage relationship.

You can create romance in your marriage by meeting your mate’s most important relationship needs and helping him or her to meet yours.

To Be Shown Respect

If you burp or accidentally bump into someone, you say, “Excuse me” or “Pardon me”. If someone asks you a question, you stop what you are doing, look the person in the face, and answer the question politely. Showing respect to your mate also means keeping sensitive areas of your relationship confidential.

To Be Shown Appreciation

You show appreciation by expressing gratitude for the many big and little things that your mate does. A lack of appreciation from you leaves your mate feeling taken for granted, or unappreciated. Such a feeling quickly kills romance.

Pleasant Companionship

Good companions enjoy spending time together in conversation and recreational activities. As a rule, spouses should be able to look forward to the next time that they will be together, rather than dreading it.

Spiritual Solidarity

Companions who have spiritual solidarity have similar values; or where those differ, they try to understand each other’s values and support each other in them, rather than trying to compromise them. Spiritual solidarity is necessary if two people are to trust each other implicitly.

Domestic Support

Every romance needs a home. Building that home involves bringing in a steady and sufficient income; making ends meet and saving for the future by using a budget; keeping the. house clean, comfortable, and in good repair; maintaining the garden; shopping for necessities; preparing meals, and so on. A husband and wife give each other domestic support as they work together to meet these needs.

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