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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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About the Author

“Invest in Children Today.” ~Trevor Farley

“My first-born came into this world with the customary scream. No sooner had she been cleaned than she was given to my wife to hold, cuddle and bond with. At that moment I could see the immense love my wife had for our little pink feet. The pain of the ensuing hours before just melted away as she gazed upon our precious gem of a daughter.

I watched all this with the same amount of awe and amazement at the miracle of a life born before my very eyes. I was still taking this all in when she gently asked if I would love to hold our daughter, Gemma. What a question; of course I did! Gently I reached out and hardly had her in my arms when an ever-watchful nurse admonished me as she took my daughter from me, saying: “That is not the way you hold a baby!”

I shrank back a few steps and raised my hands apologetically, not having a clue about what I had done wrong. Through my head screamed the phrase “HELP, I’M A PARENT!” Right then, I realised that it’s easy to be a father, but not so easy to be a dad. But hey! Where do you start? Which advice do you follow?”

Just when you think you understand what you need to know, your child responds unexpectedly, totally contrary to the advice you have recently received from a fellow parent who is in the same boat as you, being tossed about by the ‘waves’ of turbulent parenthood.

Trevor’s purpose in life began unfolding fourteen years ago when he decided to initiate parent / child camps. The purpose was to draw parents closer to their children and for children to grow closer to their parents. The four annual camps took the form of Father and Daughter / Son camps and Mother and Daughter / Son camps.

It was during the initial stages of running these camps that Trevor started presenting parenting guidance through weekly emails and courses. Such was his passion that his research into parenting led him to write his own parenting book “MAP4PARENT – Creating-a-Memory” which focuses on parental goal setting and meeting the growing need of parents to be encouraged and guided to raise up children, to become mature adults who are able to take their rightful place in the community.

Trevor Farley, is the Author of MAP4Parenting – Creating-a-Memory® book, is married to Sharon and has two adult children. He has more than twenty five years teaching experience, and has hosted over 1800 families on parent/child camps since 1999. He has always enjoyed interacting with children and parents. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those he touches on a day-to-day basis. He has a vision that the hearts of the children will be turned to their parents, and the hearts of the parents to their young, so that the face of our nation, South Africa, can be changed.

Trevor hosts parenting talks, workshops and councils parents from a Christian perspective, one on one, to help them be more effective in their parenting and family life.